4 Ideas for Window Treatments in Boston That Let in Light
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4 Best Window Treatments That Don't Completely Block Light

When customizing new window treatments in Boston for your residence, you don’t have to sacrifice light-filtering capabilities for privacy. Lots of types, including custom shades, still let in plenty of daylight.

If you know what capabilities you want but aren’t sure what kind of window treatment you should order, collaborating with a design specialist like Louver Shop of Boston is a fantastic first step. We’ll review options during a free consultation to help you find the right fit for your home.

Here are a few of our most loved window treatments that welcome in daylight while still maintaining privacy.

1. Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are the benchmark when you’re seeking light filtering and privacy. They’re a permanent window treatment made to last for years. Their horizontal louvers can be customized in several thicknesses and are moved with a tilt bar. This bar allows you to permit in as little or as much light as you desire.

Lasting plantation shutters, like custom shutters from Louver Shop of Boston, are manufactured from genuine wood or faux wood. A seamless fit and select materials make them energy efficient, which could help decrease your energy costs.

Plantation shutters are a timeless style that has been enjoyed for years, so you won’t have be bothered about them becoming old-fashioned anytime soon. While they’re typically seen in white, you can give yours a modern twist with gray, black or just about any other tint through a custom finish.

2. Sheer Shades

Sheer shades incorporate everything you like about blinds and shades while delivering a drapery-like appearance. Offered in both horizontal and vertical models, these shades place cordless blinds between two sheer or semi-opaque panels. These panels change bright sunlight into a light glow, soaking your room in a warm and welcoming glow.

When you partner with Louver Shop of Boston, you’ll be able to pick from a large selection of fabrics, in addition to colors, opacities, textures and prints. You can determine how much privacy and light your home gets. And your house can look just like you pictured it.

Honeycomb Shades

While honeycomb shades don’t provide as much adjustability as plantation shutters or sheer shades, they make up for it in energy efficiency. These soft shades have honeycomb-like cells that keep air at the windows, which are your residence’s top source of energy loss. This can keep your residence more comfortable at an energy-efficient setting, helping you spend less on utility costs.

Similar to sheer shades, honeycomb shades are customizable in hundreds of fabric selections to fit your residence’s unique style. You can select a more opaque fabric for extra privacy or a sheerer fabric to permit in more sunshine when drawn.

4. Roman Shades

Roman shades can be customized in several different options to fit your taste and light-filtering desires. There’s the traditional look, which lets in light while drawn but increases privacy when you want it with an optional room-darkening panel. Then there’s the honeycomb type, which combines energy-efficient options with the attractive Roman pleats.

Your local Louver Shop of Boston consultant can help you choose the ideal style for your home during your free consultation. For years, we’ve been dedicated to making gorgeous homes come alive in Boston. And we’d like to show you just how beautiful your house could be too. Contact us at 888-428-1415 to request your free, no-obligation design consultation now!