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4 Best Window Treatments for Casement Windows

Casement windows offer you with a better view of outside and additional fresh air. They’re frequently used in rooms that need more ventilation, like a kitchen or bathroom, or to complement bay windows. While they’re quick to open, that irritating crank can get in the way of your window treatments.

When you want to update those window treatments, our Louver Shop of Boston design consultants can help. We’ve never run into a window we couldn’t cover, including casement windows. Our window treatments are custom manufactured to match your windows, including those that come with cranks. You can discover more by booking a free consultation with us. There’s no pressure to order, merely access to expert advice at no cost.

While you’re getting started, here are a small collection of the best window treatments for casement windows.

1. Plantation Shutters

Whether you choose genuine wood or sturdy polymer, plantation shutters give the ultimate in light control and insulation. Since this window treatment is installed for a lifetime, you might wonder if a crank would interfere with the frame or louvers. But that’s not an issue! At Louver Shop of Boston, we create and make custom shutters just for your windows. This means we can allow for your house’s unique windows or doors, such as arched windows, doorknobs and cranks. That way, you’ll still enjoy all the pluses of your interior shutters while still being able to have full access to your window’s crank.

2. Roman Shades

If you love curtains but don’t love how they are heavy and can be difficult to adjust, Roman shades are a great option for fitting casement windows. Especially if your casement windows are on either side of a bay or picture window. These shades hang flat when drawn and move into neat pleats when raised. And there’s a complete collection of solutions to select from, like energy-efficient honeycomb shades and woven wood shades. With Louver Shop of Boston, your shades will look and work just like you want them to. By selecting the PowerView® smart operating system, adjustingyour custom shades will be fast with a press of your phone.

3. Honeycomb Shades

If your casement windows are in an area you frequent, including your bedroom or living room, comfort is a must. Because your windows are one of the major sources of energy loss in your home, selecting an energy-efficient window treatment like honeycomb shades is critical. These shades are designed with pockets that trap air at the window to keep indoor temperatures even and your heating and cooling bills in check. And with a collection of easy operating systems, like cordless LiteRise® or PowerView, you’ll enjoy fast access to the crank when you want to close your window.

4. Roller and Solar Shades

If you have casement windows in your bathrooms or kitchen, a simple look like roller and solar shades is a good option. With hundreds of fabrics and a range of opacities to pick from, you’ll have access to find the ideal style to correspond with your home. And they’ll be simple to close, thanks to six operating systems that include cordless and PowerView customization options. As an extra perk, they’re even painless to clean with a vacuum, duster or damp cloth.

Customizing Window Treatments for Casement Windows is Stress-Free with Louver Shop of Boston

With the help of Louver Shop of Boston, it’ll be uncomplicated to select and customize the right window treatments for your casement windows. From free professional measurements to providing a fantastic fit to free standard installation, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Begin planning your shutters, blinds and shades by contacting us at 888-428-1415 today to schedule your free consultation!